The people closest to customers (field staff) are the farthest from the top decision makers. How do we make accumulated knowledge at the field level available to the top management?

The CEO has to capture the untapped wisdom of the field staff through direct interactions and encouraging field staff to share their insights about “What is working” (In relation to organization’s products) and “What is not working” (in relation to processes, products, and people). The top management must respect the feedback, insights, and inputs from the field functionaries in designing growth strategies for the future and while designing new products.

While accountability of the field staff can be measured in terms of business outcomes, accountability of administrative functionaries has to be weighed in terms of intangibles like timely support, motivation provided, staff developmental initiatives, and intelligent business inputs. The transformation may be initiated by the top, but its success depends upon creating a movement through using field wisdom and removing constraints in their working


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