As the transformation takes place, the major focus of the CEO and the top management often remains on managing the concrete deliverables. While all this is imperative, often the other important aspects such as building an end to end service excellence, hassle-free problem solving, internal response mechanisms and front line attitudes, remain on the periphery. In building a tapestry for transformation, it is important to ensure that all parts of the organization are fixed and rejuvenated to create a new organization that is different than its past legacies. Excellence can be measured by looking at issues such as :how organizational members respond to stakeholders issues, how customers are treated, how smooth are our internal processes, how swiftly employees issues are attended to, how much caring is company to its employees, how learning is promoted, how organizational discipline and decorum is maintained etc.

The CEOs and top management have a herculean task cut out for them during transformation on this count.

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