Engage with people through their minds and hearts.

For transformation and implementation of the vision, engagement of the employees becomes the cornerstone of success. It is they who deliver the services, make customers experience their moments of truth, bear the brunt of irate customers, and also suffer the pressures of work. They need to understand the logic and rationale of the change, the cost of not undertaking such a change, and the benefits of change, and its impact on their careers and quality of life. They also need to feel confident about the sincerity of management intent and their concern for employees. Finally, they would want to be sure about a fair system in place, in dealing with their career and personal issues. Thus, the engagement of employees involves engaging them through their minds and hearts.

In case of transformation of Bank of Baroda, amongst other initiatives, we created a nucleus of HR professionals under the direct charge of the CEO and employee engagement initiatives were initiated and monitored from the CEO desk.

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