Anugyan is a consulting firm driven by Dr Khandelwal. Anu(Atom)- gyan(knowledge) manifests the philosophy of continuous learning for leaders to create ‘Atomic Impact’.

We believe that Change is achieved by igniting ideas and creativity to build insights.

Through our workshops and experience based coaching process, we help leaders develop and maximize their potential to become impact making leaders. Our basic philosophy in practice of leadership is ‘ Tough Love’ ( Effective performance with compassion)

We believe that Leadership is not something that comes through sermons and text-bookish theories but through the process of developing leadership muscle, much similar to building muscles in a gymnasium. Leadership Development requires the rigour and personal discipline much similar to one, pumping iron in a gym. Dr. Khandelwal, the chairman of the company, himself is a living example of evolving as a Leader over a period of time and finally reaching the top as the CEO of two large public sector banks.

His insights into the Leadership process and his hands-on experience in developing Leaders of the future, is now a model, which is talked about in Corporate sector & Management schools. His transformational Leadership is covered in many magazines, journals and books including the Harvard Business Review. He is a multi-awarded leadership coach and is frequently invited as key note speaker in various national and international conferences. He has addressed senior management personnel of over 50 organizations. He speaks at corporates, educational institutes, government bodies and voluntary agencies. Anugyan has led workshops for large multi-national, private and public sector corporations.

Creating a Group of High Impact Leaders (A 75 hour cutting edge Leadership intervention for Sharp organizations)

A diamond looks brilliant when ready but there is an intricate and complex process that involves cutting, sawing, cleaving, bruiting and polishing before it reaches that brilliance. Likewise, potential talent need a rigorous and uncompromising process of learning and growing through meticulous and custom based interventions to eventually flourish into a full blown Leaders! It is widely accepted that Organizations can be ready to face the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous future only if they have a pipeline of high calibre leaders. But in such environment, it is not enough just to have committed, loyal, efficient, 9 am to 9 pm Leaders but leaders who are much beyond.

We strongly believe that today's leaders need orientation to embrace 'intangibles' (such as building culture, human resources, technology, leadership and governance) which ultimately drive the tangibles. We need leaders who can make real difference - whose focus on Leadership and performance is uncompromising but they demonstrate empathy and compassion too. We believe that modern leaders need to be communication connoisseurs because reaching out to both customers and employees is a winning proposition.

The Uniqueness of the Program:

The special features of the Program -

  • It is for a group of identified potential leaders
  • Continuity of learning and development over a period of entire year
  • Immersed in organizational context
  • Opportunities for regular interaction with company top Management about the growth of the group and possibility of course correction
  • Unlike many Leadership Programs, this is conceptualized, designed and will be orchestrated under the supervision of Dr. Khandelwal who has spent over 40 years in the playing field, learning – how to lead and more importantly, how to anchor and lead transformation

  • Crafting compelling vision for the future of the organization
  • Developing customer focus
  • Building perspectives and strategic thinking
  • Creating process orientation (both customer and employee processes)
  • Facilitating learning, change and innovation
  • Building action driven Leadership
  • Expanding people focus
  • Orienting towards 'tough love' style of Leadership ( tough on performance and compassion for people)

Target Group: 20 – 25 nos. of identified high potential talent

Duration: 3 hours each on every alternate Saturday (or other day) of the year totalling to 75 hours.

Coverage and Modules:

The entire Program will aim at developing individuals for Leadership roles and developing appropriate Leadership styles to deal with the emerging environment through the following Modules:

Self Awareness: This module will focus on understanding the Self, one’s biases, prejudices and orientation to life; issues of congruence and self management.

Interpersonal Relationships: This module is to help potential leaders to develop perspectives towards people – as the main asset of organization besides, building interpersonal expertise, persuasive skills and team building capability for effective – thinking together, dreaming together and working together.

Effective Execution: This module will highlight the importance of managing change, having a bias for action, developing sense of urgency, following through, result orientation and achieving excellence.

Impactful Communication: This module will focus on building communication competencies, with emphasis on both individual and organizational communication, building skills in active listening, dialoguing, counselling and facilitating difficult conversations; and excellence in multiple communication modes.

Performance Management: This module will accentuate the development of skill in Goal setting, providing feedback, art and science of counselling, coaching and mentoring.

Embracing Intangibles: Understanding context, building culture, crafting architecture of integrity and credibility, aggregation and assimilation of learning for building Leadership for Results and for transforming organizations are the core of this module.


This intervention will use:

  • 360 degree feedback and other Instruments
  • Faculty led Classroom sessions with Cases and illustrations
  • Action Learning
  • Reading and Research work
  • Group Mentoring sessions
  • Assignments & Group Work

Principal Faculty:

The Programme will be conducted under the direct Leadership of Dr Anil K. Khandelwal, former CMD, Bank of Baroda who is a well known Leadership trainer, coach and is reputed for his insights in developing people. Hailed by Tom Peters as "a very wise Leader" and Peter Capelli of Wharton as "an HR Hero", Dr Khandelwal is frequently invited for delivering Keynote addresses in Seminars and Workshops both in India and abroad. He has done Leadership Workshops for companies like Microsoft, Alsthom, Ricoh, SBI General Insurance, GAIL, Indian Oil Corporation, JK Group, etc. Fifteen of his direct reports have risen to Board level positions in the Banking industry. He is a visiting guest faculty at IIM Ahmedabad, Lucknow and Bengaluru, IIT Mumbai and other reputed institutes. He has also been a visiting Professor at the Asian Institute of Management, Manila. A multi awarded transformational Leader, he brings into fore, practical insights into developing Leaders. His best-selling book “Dare to Lead” is now used in various management Programs, globally.

Other Faculty:

Besides Dr. Khandelwal, other eminent experts such as Rajesh Kamath – Founder, Chanakya Consulting Insights, Dr. Rajen K Gupta, Pofessor at MDI will be part of faculty team for this intervention.

These Retreats are a unique opportunity for the Boards of companies to learn from the deep experience and expertise of the former Chairman and Managing Director of a large geographically dispersed corporation. Dr. Anil Khandelwal, former Chairman and Managing Director of Bank of Baroda, brings to bear his rich experience as Board member of a variety of organizations, showing how to.

  • Create purpose and meaning for the Corporation
  • Build long term value for the Corporation
  • Build intangibles for long term sustaina
  • Develop Board Leadership
  • Develop a cohesive board

Using a potent mix of live experiences, strategies and tools, Dr Khandelwal makes these retreats enjoyable and enriching.

Global research shows that expanding learning across organizations is done in a most cost effective today through Group mentoring. Combining his experience in transforming organizations and implementing successful learning interventions across a variety of organizations, Dr. Anil Khandelwal brings this unique and powerful developmental practice to organizations in an engaging way.

Utilizing the tools of peer learning, focused interactions and variety of learning resources, cross- functional groups of Managers will learn the following, over convenient weekly sessions

  • Using challenges as stepping stones for progress
  • How to integrate passion with competence to raise their game
  • Utilizing the wisdom in the field
  • Finding meaning and joy in work
  • How to navigate their careers

Organizations can leverage and develop their pools of talent in a meaningful way through this intervention which have positive impacts on productivity and engagement.

We also design special Programs in the context of a specific Training need of an organization. The following powerful programs and other customized programs can help build Leadership pipeline:

  1. Developing CFOs/ CXOs for CEO role
  2. Building intangibles for Tangible Outcomes
  3. Nurturing Woman Leadership
  4. Building High Performance Teams
  5. Reskilling HR functionaries
  6. Building Employee passion through engagement

Through stories and strategies, tips and techniques, Dr. Khandelwal, and his team helps participants build their own blueprints for successful change initiatives in their own organizations.