Transformational Leadership in Banking

After the success of my earlier two books, the bestselling Dare to Lead (SAGE, 2011) and CEO: Chess Master or Gardener (Oxford University Press, 2018), I am happy to announce my new book (to be released in mid-February) titled Transformational leadership in Banking, Challenges of Governance, Leadership and HR in a Disruptive World and published by the SAGE India.

This book is an edited volume and its content structure follows a unique approach of using three different lenses (namely, articles, case-studies and interviews) to provide a range of perspectives, analysis and insights to readers. The first section contains invited papers on the themes of the book from leading academicians, researchers and practitioners. This section provides a holistic view and makes a compelling case on the potential upside to the banking system, if the reform process focuses on governance, culture, leadership and talent issues. The second section contains case- studies of four large banks, namely, SBI, ICICI Bank, Bank of Baroda and Union Bank of India that describe the organizational and/or digital transformation in these banks. These case-studies show that despite constraints, there are success stories in banking transformation and best practices. The third, and the final section, has six interviews with leading banking icons and former Non- Executive Chairmen who have articulated their views on issues of governance, leadership, HR and culture, and suggested ways for reforms. The interviews contain their perspectives on the gaps that exist between current state of practice and immediate and futuristic needs of the banking sector

CEO: Chess Master or Gardener?

Many problems of public sector banks in India are rooted in the legacy-driven culture of Industrial relations (IR) and human resources (HR) management. These have inhibited the pace of internal reforms.

This book presents ways in which the author, in his role as a CEO, and using insights gained during field research, undertook the creative destruction of the legacy culture in IR/HR in Bank of Baroda. This was done through multiple initiatives, including re-ordering the pattern of IR management and game-changing innovations in employee engagement, eventually transforming the organization into a valuable brand.

The book illustrates the strategic role of CEOs in designing a new future for their organizations in the face of multiple challenges through harmonizing the HR function with the business. It also provides several insightful leadership lessons to the top management of large organizations to move from a narrowly focussed HR culture to a broader HR paradigm consistent with the requirements of a competitive landscape.

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The book is of extraordinary value, containing distilled wisdom narrated through personal experience and episodes without losing sight of theory and the big picture.

- Y.V. Reddy, Former Governor, Reserve Bank of India

… a brilliant blend of management theory and executive experience.

- Jagdish Sheth, Charles H. Kellstadt Professor of Business, Emory University, USA

It shows the path we must all tread if we are to be successful in this Age of Disruption.

- Rajeev Dubey, Group President (HRD), Mahindra & Mahindra Limited.

An engaging, timeless, and timely reminder that employee relations is strategic and a key driver of firm performance. The lessons from a master practitioner are both fascinating and useful for the CEOs.

- Ravi Venkatesan, Non-executive Chairman, Bank of Baroda

This book, based on the involved experiences of a participant-researcher, is a kaleidoscope of organisational learning. It brings together the perspectives of a CEO, an HR leader, and an intense professional, giving it many flavours picked up through one’s career journey. The metaphors in the title of the book simply reflect Dr Khandelwal’s unique style of storytelling.

- Santrupt B. Mishra, CEO, Carbon Black Business, Director, Group Human Resources, Aditya Birla Group

A wonderful narrative from a truly exceptional CEO

- Dave Ulrich, Rensis Likert Professor, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan; Partner, The RBL Group

The book offers insights on how to leverage people's processes and technology to transform an organisation …. how research-based information can help HR Practitioners …. In the need for connecting frontline employees to generate trust and harmony. The book demonstrates as to how IR and HRD can be integrated for achieving business goals.

- South East Asian Journal of Human Resource Management

Following the runaway success of its earlier book Dare to Lead, the book CEO – Chess Master or Gardener makes engrossing reading for bankers as well as student of management.

- Business India

Anil K. Khandelwal’s book CEO – Chess Master or Gardener is an outstanding piece of scholarly work that integrates theory and practice in the field of IR/HR, and offers a detailed account of their strategies and drive toward development of the business. The book is a refreshing addition to the writings in the Human Resource Management field

- People Matters

Anil Khandelwal is a rare example of scholar-leader. The book is well written in a clear and lucid style and provides adequate academic reference… is likely to be an excellent resource for practising managers, young management students, as well as scholars interested in leadership, organisational development, change management and industrial relations.

- Indian Journal of Social Work

The book by Dr. Anil Khandelwal, is a refreshingly welcome scholarly endeavour by a practitioner. The book is methodologically rich.An important lesson that can be drawn that all forms of organisational changes including structural changes and introduction of innovative technologies are likely to succeed only if they are directly connecting employees and engaging employee relations.

- Indian Journal of Industrial Relations

Although the title may indicate that this is a book on leadership styles, it has much more on offer. The methods are systematic and rigorous …reflective and experiential

- Business Standard

Dr Anil Khandelwal in his new book CEO-Chess master or gardener provides interesting insights about journey of evolution from industrial relations to HRD. Khandelwal, probably, is the only one HR professional who rose to the level of CEO of PSB who carries the treasure of unique research on IR with enormous application of that research findings at workplace. The findings stood the test of time and still hold the ground of validity.

- Business Manager

A must read for HR professionals and also for potential managers and corporate leaders.

Business World

Dare To Lead

Dare to Lead is the fascinating story of how Anil K. Khandelwal transformed Bank of Baroda (BOB) from being just another public sector bank into one of the most valuable brands in Indian banking.

This is the story of the leadership challenges, management solutions and personal and professional excitement the author experienced in transforming the 97-year-old bank into a modern, tech-savvy, customer-centric bank.

This book is an excellent blueprint for undertaking transformation in large, geographically dispersed public sector enterprises. It describes how a large-sized bank was transformed on all parameters with clear vision, execution discipline, customer centricity and people engagement.

The author emphasizes that large-scale transformation can be undertaken successfully only if the CEO shows courage to change the status quo and mobilize the human effort within the organization.

The story of BOB's transformation has captured international attention and finds its mention in Harvard Business Review, Human Resource Development International and the book The India Way by the Wharton School faculty.

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What Global Thought Leaders Say…
This is the inspiring story of a public sector undertaking`s transformational journey from a staid PSB to a nimble and agile competitor. Ultimately... it's about the power of visionary leadership!

- Anand Mahindra
Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Mahindra & Mahindra Limited, Mumbai, India

A personal tale from a very wise man. I was captured and captivated.

- Tom Peters
Co-author, In search of Excellence

A very lucid journey of a successful leader and a public servant.Khandelwal`s eighteen leadership lessons crystallized from 37 years of experience are inspiring for future generation of Leaders

- Ram Charan
Co-author of Execution and The Game-Changer

Anil Khandelwal's insider account of the transformation of a bank in India is not only a practical case study of leadership in action... it will be valuable for global managers of the future

- Rosabeth Moss Kanter
Professor at Harvard Business School, USA Author of Confidence and Supercorp

This is a focused read for those charged with transforming their organizations... I strongly recommend the book.

- Dave Ulrich
Professor, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, USA

This insightful story provides a blueprint for undertaking transformation in a large organization; every business leader can profit from this.

- K V Kamath
Chairman, ICICI Bank, India

A Management book with a soul.

- Dr. Satya Prakash SaraSwat
Prof Emeritus , Bentely University , USA

...a rare story of courage , passion and commitment .... Full of real-life examples, the book is a must read for CEOs and all those who aspire to leave a legacy .

- Vijay Govindarajan
Professor , Tuck School of Business , Dartmouth College , USA

The Bank of Baroda has a unique transformation story and Anil Khndewal was at the centre of it. It makes for an interesting read.

- Nirmalya Kumar
Professor of Marketing and co-director of Aditya Birla India Centre at London Business School , UK

Khandelwal's account is riveting ... that doers can get results even in public sector.

- Business Today

Dare to Lead is an interesting autobiographical work. This book is a frank, passionate and often emotional account. Recommended study

- Business Line

...With so much action packed between the book's sturdy but light covers, it is not difficult to envisage a 'major motion picture' soon.

- The Smart Manager

Dare to lead is an extraordinary tale of a visionary leader.

- People Matters

A lesson for all bankers in the public sector

- Mint

Dare to Lead is a book definitely worth reading.

- Business India

A bible on transformation

Journal of Social Science National Institute of Bank Management.

A rare story on leadership that delivered dramatic business results

- National HRD Network Journal

A rare case study by CEOs

- The Hindu

An Important book…A story of what is possible within constraints

- Vikalpa
Journal of Indian Institute of management, Ahmadabad

It is not just a Book but Holy Scripture for Banker's in Today's Times. The Book is filled with Passion, Positivity, Grit, Courage to overcome all the difficulties, to bring Change. The book will be the guiding force for me to BE the Change and not just SEE the Change happening in our Banking Industry.

- Nitin Garg
Union Bank of India

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