The CEOs, especially in large organizations, often get sucked into the operational routine in spite of best intentions. They have to often deal with mounds of papers that continuously flow from various verticals. Similarly, meetings also consume a lot of time. Many CEOs often complain about lack of time and consequently lack of focus on strategic issues.

During transformation, the CEOs must consciously and sometimes ruthlessly break the trap of routine and develop an organizational mindset. This would mean creating a new future for their organization in terms of readying it for coping with disruptions, building people-side and leadership bench strength, building an innovative culture and a responsive DNA to deal with customers issues. The CEOs need to spend more time on organizational issues like critical capabilities required, an introduction of new technology, identification of new markets, issues of customers, issues of reorganization, new lines of business and issues of governance and issues concerning the health of the organization. They need to increasingly engage with consultants to design new strategies and help align the organization to the competitive landscape.

Transformation of the CEO and his work is key to pilot effective transformation in the organization. Change over from an operational mindset to an organizational mindset must be a conscious strategy for the CEOs who aspire to transform their organizations

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