The success of any transformation can be measured by organizations new culture in terms of its responsiveness to customers, employees and other stakeholders, its enhanced performance, its capacity to respond to competitive pressures, etc. The internal environment characterized by constraints such as red tape, inter-departmental conflicts, and control driven communications, is often a major cause of suboptimal performance and disillusionment of customers. Thus, one of the biggest challenges for any CEO and the top management is to focus on dealing with internal constraints through some radical steps or else allow the organization to stagnate. CEOs must articulate their dissatisfaction with the legacy problems and the determination to deal with them. They should avoid falling into the trap of popularity contest and demonstrate their commitment to pursue enforcement of accountability across the levels to be responsive to stakeholders problems and especially customers issues. There is no shortcut to effective action in this regard.

In pursuing our transformation, effective steps were initiated to create awareness about the need to be responsive and any dereliction on this account was taken seriously.

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